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What is the significance of your life?" After receiving the SNS message, death has begun! Trainee policeman, "Sung-min" (Lee Si-eon) and job seeker, "Jun-hyeok (Kim Sung-cheol)" were suspicious about a suicide incident of a girl who lived in the same dormitory, and they will be tracking her SNS account with the help of a private detective agency hacker, "Nu-ri" (Heo Gayoon). The investigation which started out of chivalry leads to uncontrollable consequences. These three people, Jun-hyeok, Sung-min, and Nu-ri became targets of SNS crime...

韩国最新电影搜索곽정  执导。豆角网影院网为广大网友收集了2020年由李时言  金圣喆  Heo Gayoon  김서연  等领衔主演的搜索在线观看,豆角网影院网还支持手机看免费高清版搜索,非常方便,希望大家喜欢。



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